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Signs of Life (Rough Romance #2) by Selene CastrovillaSigns of Life (Rough Romance #2)

Publisher: Last Syllable Books
Expected Publication: Winter 2016

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No good deed goes unpunished…

The tables are turned with a vengeance in this tour de force sequel to Melt. Now it’s Dorothy who is fragmented and lost, while Joey keeps the promise he made her to better himself – even though she’s gone.

Joey tells his story “now ”—nearly a year after the shocking conclusion of MELT.

Dorothy tells what happened “then”— in the moments and hours after the Glock dropped.

This time the stakes are even higher, as Joey forces himself to move forward while Dorothy is frozen in place. But when he learns of a devastating decision, Joey races to find her before it’s too late. Truth, consequence, repercussion and modern medicine collide as pieces converge in this psychological, thrilling story which begs the question: Can love really conquer all?

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