Ready for my Closeup in Newsday!

I was thrilled to be featured in a Newsday article about the Long Island Authors Group–at least, in the photos!

Alas, I was not eligible to be written about in the article, because they were interested in people who published their first book at age 50 or older, I was in my 30’s. This was one case when the early bird was denied the worm! But I will say that I look good. I put on makeup for the occasion!

I guess it’s a compliment, as the article was about what people do in their retirement–and I am far from retired.

I am also amused by being the youngest in the crowd, when I’m used to being with mostly kids and teenagers! The tables are turned with a vengeance!


That’s my friend Dan Mariani next to me, in photo below. From the article:

“Dan Mariani, 62, of Massapequa Park, whose 2016 debut novel, “The Road to Chapultepec Park,” falls into the genre of climate-change science fiction, or “cli-fi,” wanted “to get people to think about the climate a little bit more. I think something is happening to the climate, whether it is man-made or not.”

You can check out his book on Amazon

Read the article: (even though there’s nothing written about me in it, lol!)

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