“Brain Dead” Boy Awakens! Ala My Novel SIGNS OF LIFE

There’s big news about a thirteen year old so-called brain dead boy awakening. Trenton McKinley woke up a day before his organs were to be harvested! This undetected brain activity is not as uncommon as you think. Tragically, most of the “not-really brain dead” people can’t communicate that they’re in there in time to save their lives! Trenton’s doctors told his parents that there was no chance of him ever having brain activity again. It is appalling that they could be so wrong–and it is time for doctors to admit that they can’t tell things with such certainty. An inaccurate diagnosis is not fair to the families, and certainly not to the patients! But the fact is, you are worth more dead than alive. Brain dead, that is.

There are other documented cases of supposed “brain dead” people later awakening. There is also evidence that people being harvested feel pain as their organs are removed and they are killed. (There is no anesthesia or pain killer of any kind used when organs are harvested. The pulse of the harvester races–indicating tremendous trauma/pain.) This is what Robin Cook based his thrilling novel COMA on–which became a movie I was taken to see as a child. I was traumatized, and the idea of people in comas being harvested for profit haunted me for decades–until I wrote SIGNS OF LIFE.

Here’s the article about Trenton:


Signs of Life (Rough Romance #2) by Selene Castrovilla

SIGNS OF LIFE is, among other things, a medical thriller– following a girl trapped in a coma, about to be turned off life support , as her boyfriend races to save her.

SIGNS OF LIFE came bursting out of me, as I considered my readers’ many requests to write a sequel to MELT. I realized that Dorothy was now in trouble–and it was life-threatening. All of my memories about COMA came flooding back. And when I did my research, I realized that this wasn’t far-fetched at all. Trenton was not the first person to return from “the dead.” How many people were harvested before they could find their way back out of their comas?

And did you know that the brain scan they perform on patients doesn’t even check all the areas of the brain? How is this allowed, you ask? I repeat: Because you are worth more brain dead than alive! If your heart stops, you’re useless–because your organs are destroyed. The transplant doctors urged Trenton’s parents to stop “bringing him back” (resuscitating him) because his organs were supposedly damaged each time. We can’t hurt the goods, of course. And there were five kids who matched his organs. Too bad about him still being alive. Why is it that no one cared about him? Because of the MONEY.

WAKE UP!!! This happens all the time in this country. The events which transpire in my novel are all things I took from my research. They could happen to you, or your loved one. BE AWARE!!!






Joey is on a race to save Dorothy before they kill her.





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