Get Ready for the Spring YA Scavenger Hunt!

Get ready for the spring YA Scavenger Hunt, starting at noon PST tomorrow! I’m on the Gold Team, along with many amazing YA authors. I love doing this hunt because it puts me in touch with so many amazing YA readers, and also because I’m introduced to YA authors I wasn’t familiar with. A perfect example of this is Lee Ann Ward, who I am hosting. I read the opening of her novel, and I am hooked! Tune it tomorrow and see for yourself–the opening is her bonus material.

You can win SO MANY BOOKS through this hunt!!!

And you will learn about so many YA authors!!!

Many of us will have our own additional giveaways, so be on the lookout.

My featured book is Signs of Life, Book Two of the Rough Romance Trilogy, and I’ll be offering a sneak peek at Unpunished, Book Three and the shocking conclusion, on Colleen Houck’s blog. Colleen is the founder and organizer of YASH. I can’t imagine how she manages this huge undertaking twice a year, but I’m quite grateful.

You can learn details to help you prepare for the hunt here:


April 3–8

Schedule of events:

April 3, noon PST: The hunt begins!

April 8, noon PST: The Hunt ends—winners selected.

April 11: Winners Announced!

And don’t forget to mark your calendars for the FALL 2018 Hunt which will take place Oct 2-7!

See you tomorrow,


Gold Team!

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  1. jill

    so happy to see on the ys hunt with a great looking book love the cover signs of life

    1. Selene Castrovilla (Post author)

      Hi Jill, Thanks! I appreciate the comment–and the compliment! Enjoy your hunt!

  2. Jackie

    Your blurb for MELT is very good!

    1. Selene Castrovilla (Post author)

      Thanks, Jackie! Much appreciated!


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