Gratitude for my supporters

It seems like every post these days is about being grateful–and why not? Gratitude is an essential part of art. I could’t continue to write without it.

I want to mention more bloggers and reviewers who have been supporting Luna Rising. Some of these are current, and some are from Luna’s early review tour. MY life fell into something of a turmoil in-between, so I’m trying to make up for it now.

Actin’ Up With Books

Joli is a long-time supporter, who really helped Melt get attention. I love you, Joli!

Melissa’s Eclectic Bookshelf

I will always be grateful for this quote from Melissa!

The Invisible Diva even casted LUNA RISING: the movie!

Plus, Zsus (AKA The Invisible Diva) responded to me in a comment: “Thank YOU for the opportunity to review this fabulous book. Sunny and Luna – the new Grace and Frankie!”

Let us pray…(I HAVE written a pilot, if there are any producers out there…Or, if Rosario Dawson is reading, and looking for a new challenge after The Defenders.)

Today, I’m featured on the Mythical Books blog in an provocative interview:
My interview with Mythical Books

Bookish Lifestyle wrote a lovely piece!

“I always make sure I read Selene’s books as soon as they come out. I almost missed this one but luckily I was still able to get an early copy. I am so glad I did. I absolutely loved it as I knew I would. Selene’s writing style never fails to impress me. She sucks me in from the beginning. This novel was a bit different than the ones I’ve read before but she still delivers a great story and even some funny quips along the way.”

A Leisure Moment also contributed a lovely review:
A Leisure Moment review of Luna Rising

Here’s an amusing review from Lisa on Goodreads:
An amusing review!

And Elizabeth Upton wrote on Goodreads:
“Award winning children’s book writer, Selene Castovilla, has brought her immense writing skills to her first adult novel, Luna Rising. Luna is a heroic character who survives a rough childhood and a tough divorce—and who at 38, is looking for real love. Love takes many forms. Sections of the book in which Luna’s wise-beyond-his-years son tries to process the divorce are especially poignant. Readers will be swept along though Luna’s funny and moving misadventures in the dating world. When something seems wrong–Luna takes unconventional and amusing paths to discover greater self-love and more authentic connection to others. Readers will find Luna Rising an earthy, raw, honest, funny and touching read about an imperfect person trying her best. National Book Award Winner, Jacqueline Woodson has said that “Selene Castrovilla is a writer worth watching.” Now is a good time to watch!”

Goodreads review by Elizabeth Upton

These are just some of the great supporters I’ve had for Luna so far. You guys rule!

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