Amy Krouse Rosenthal: Goodbye Beautiful Writer

Amy Krouse Rosenthal passed away yesterday.














She and I had much in common: writers, humanitarians, loving mothers — and both 51 years old! But Amy had one thing I do not: A beautiful love story.

She wrote a piece in The New York Times (Modern Love) about her husband, and how she wanted him to find a new love. Can you imagine how much she loved him to do this? Could you be this selfless?

I am so sad for Amy, and I wonder why we can’t have it all. Why someone with a beautiful marriage and family is suddenly sentenced to death, or why someone so loving as me has never had a caring partner.

This world isn’t fair.

Sometimes it seems like a big, cruel joke. Sometimes I wonder why I bother with anything. My heart breaks over and over and over…

But then I realize that there’s nothing to do but go on. To try to be the change I wish to see in the world. To be love.

All we have is each other, and I hope that we’ll all be kind and loving, and just stop hurting each other. Amy was a huge believer in acts of kindness. Let her memory spark a change.







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