Presidents’ Day Cover Reveal!

Happy Presidents’ Day!

I thought this would be the perfect day to reveal the cover for my newest picture books, Revolutionary Rogues:John André and Benedict Arnold.

This is a tale of betrayal: of our country and of George Washington.  The perpetrator of this betrayal, Benedict Arnold, was our greatest warrior. He most famously won the Battle of Saratoga for us, a turning point of the war. It’s likely that we would’ve been finished if we lost that battle, and our victory there was a deciding factor for France to lend its vital support. And yet, after working so valiantly to help us win, Arnold became a traitor.

I love looking inside the heads of people who do bad things, and try to figure out why. From the first time I read about Arnold’s treason, I wanted to explore it in a book. Finally, I have my chance!

REVOLUTIONARY ROGUES will be available Fall 2017 from Calkins Creek Books/Highlights Press.

I’ll be sharing more about the book in the coming months, including an explanation of the “more unfortunate than criminal” (according to George Washington) British spy, John André.

And now, here’s my gorgeous cover:









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