Signtology Day 1: Countdown to Melt’s Sequel!

The countdown to Signs of Life begins!

The countdown to Signs of Life begins!



One month from today Signs of Life, the sequel to Melt, is releasing. 

I’m going to blog every day about some aspect of writing the book, just as I did for Melt. 

The particular problem with sharing about this book is that a major part of the theme reveals a plot twist, so I can’t discuss much of why I wrote it, or the details. Oy.

So let me begin with my beginning. When I faced the challenge of re-visiting two teens who I only wanted to leave alone so that they could enjoy what I believed was their happy ending.

Readers let me know early and often that they wanted more. At first I insisted that they decide for themselves, but as I received more and more mail, I know I had to return to my story.

And this put me in despair. Because writing Melt was torture. Their pain was my pain!

More than that, I had no idea what came next – at least consciously.

But when I let myself go “there” I realized that I did know. And it was not the happy ending I’d fooled myself into believing in. No, there was more – so much more that it would require not one sequel but two.

This book follows a trajectory which began when I was a kid visiting a friend. Her mom took us to a movie which stayed with me and quietly defined my life. I cannot tell you the name. It’s revealed in the note at the end of Signs of Life.

So, I do believe I was destined to write this book. It is, for all my complaining, the book I was meant to write all my life. Things came out of me that I had no idea were even in me!!! 

I’m going to explore this idea of destiny, and pieces coming together, during this month.

I hope you enjoy it!

Stay tuned for a wild ride inside my imagination.







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