Cover Reveal for SIGNS OF LIFE: Sequel to MELT!

Today is a surprising day. I’m revealing a cover for a book I had no idea I’d write! I have you —my readers — to thank.

I wrote MELT a long time ago, and I thought I’d said everything there was to say about Joey and Dorothy. Reading it again as it was about to be published, I still believed I’d said everything. But so many readers wanted more! They wanted to know what happened next. I was of the opinion that this could be surmised, and that readers could even create their own future for our beleaguered pair. I wanted Joey and Dorothy to rest in their peace.

Still more intriguing and urgent, some readers didn’t think Joey and Dorothy had found their peace. At first I was still of the opinion that people could come to their own conclusions, good or bad. The point of literature is to raise questions, not necessarily answer all of them. What did it matter how the reader felt as long as he or she felt something?

But all these comments (I read every review and responded to e-mails) started me thinking.

What did happen after the Glock dropped? Had Joey really loud the redemption I’d thought he had? And what happened with his dad?

I decided to allow my mind back to that dark place, and explore some more. I figured I could write a novella, at least.

But once there, I saw more. So much more! It was like Joey and Dorothy had been waiting for me to return to them, to continue on their journey.

SIGNS OF LIFE is not only unexpected, but it is unexpectedly beautiful. It is the pregnancy I thought I couldn’t have because I’d already had my change of life. But, in literature, it’s never too late to give birth. I have a lot to share specifically about the writing process and themes, so stay tuned in the months to come before my November 10 release.

Thank you so much for your support, and your insistence TO KNOW MORE!!! It is because of you that this day has come. Cheers!

PS: There’s another surprise! SO MUCH STORY came up that it’s now a trilogy!!!

Look for UNPUNISHED, Book 3 in the Rough Romance trilogy, in 2016!


***Contains semi-spoilers about MELT***

No good deed goes unpunished…
The tables are turned with a vengeance in this tour de force sequel to Melt. Now it’s Dorothy who is fragmented and lost, while Joey keeps the promise he made her to better himself – even though she’s gone.
Joey tells his story “now ”—nearly a year after the shocking conclusion of Melt.
Dorothy tells what happened “then”— in the moments and hours after the Glock dropped.
This time the stakes are even higher, as Joey forces himself to move forward while Dorothy is frozen in place. But when he learns of a devastating decision, Joey races to find her before it’s too late. Truth, consequence, repercussion and modern medicine collide as pieces converge in this psychological, thrilling story which begs the question: Can love really conquer all?

The Sequel to MELT!

The Sequel to MELT!

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Bye for now.

Comments (3)

  1. Hannah Bryant

    I love the cover!The squiggle in the road reminds me of the winding yellow brick road that was used as a symbol from “The Wizard Of Oz” in Melt,and also the path Dorothy and Joey take through life. I can’t wait to read this!

  2. Tammy holzer

    Love the cover and can’t wait to read it sounds interesting

  3. Alexis cooper

    book one wrote a romance as vivid as my own current romance. Except some of us are the other side of the law. Melt took my heart, retold my own story, and made me cringe at every thought of what Joey went through, but when I closed the book, it was like a whole new world opened along with my eyes because I could finally see everything that was missing. I owe the credits of me ever reading this book to a great English teacher I had in high school. For Christmas she gave a signed copy. Since then I have bought an extra to loan to friends as I read it over waiting to see what book two holds.


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