This is When I Tell You I Loved THIS IS WHERE I LEAVE YOU

I don’t normally review movies, but I wanted to tell you that This Is Where I Leave You was so satisfying that I felt like I’d read a novel. I got to know the characters – which was a feat with this ensemble cast – and I cared about them. All of them!

The title alone made me want to see the film. It’s evocative.

This is where I leave you sitting shiva

And of course I love Jason Bateman. He plays the same guy every time. You know, the fantasy guy. The guy that’s good-looking, caring and wants to work on himself. We women want to help him!

This movie was remarkable because it didn’t provide a “happy ending” but rather a “hopeful” ending – and not even that hopeful for some of the characters – but it was so on the mark that I felt not only satisfied but complete.

Yes, this movie completed me.

(It also had me at hello – from when I first saw the billboard in Manhattan!)

I missed it at the movies, but I snagged it at Redbox the other night. And I highly recommend it for anyone age 40 and up. I’m not sure how younger people will relate. This is a story you that works if you’ve been there, in some way. And anyone over 40 has been there – trust me.

I can’t say enough about the writing job on this script. I’m studying script-writing, and this is one I’d like to read. As I said, it’s an ensemble cast. To make us care about each one of the characters is stunning. Also stunning is Jane Fonda. You go girl!

Tina Fey was funny but in a more poignant way than her usual. I admire her for breaking through her comfort zone. Well-done.

That’s enough. I’m no reviewer. Just see it!

Bye for now.

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