Writing Triage: Learning to Control the Hemorrhage

Hemingway bleed quote

Ernest Hemingway is correct about the bleeding – but I do think there’s a pattern for the blood splatter. You don’t just spirt it out all over the place. You need to learn method. You need to control your drip, drip, dripping onto the page.

I’m a firm believer in mastering craft. If you want to write – or even if you do write – it behooves you to hone. Writing is fun, yes, but it also takes work and dedication. TONS. I have a master’s degree, but in the beginning I took any creative writing class I could find. Not only did I learn, but I was also immersed in a pool with like-minded people. It helps to make friends (who I have kept all these years!)

I’m not often in a position to recommend classes, but I do know of two now. If you live in Suffolk County, Long Island, my friend Julia Noonan is giving two continuing education classes at Suffolk County Community College.

Julia course descriptions

I’m sorry for the horrible quality of the picture. It’s a screenshot of a PDF. (I’m soooo bad at this technical stuff!)

The pertinent information is that the first class – Introduction to Writing for Children’s Books – starts on 2/18, 7-10 pm.

The second class – Advanced Writing for Creation – starts on 4/8, 6:30-10 pm.

If you don’t live in Suffolk, I suggest you get out there somewhere. It’s like going to the gym – you have to start a regime to get into shape. A class will not only teach you: it will give you focus and motivation as well!

Anne Lamott efforts

Bird by Bird has the most unique and calming insights into the writing process I’ve ever found!

I also recommend Anne Lamott’s book on writing: Bird by Bird. It’s my writing bible. Also wonderful is Stephen King’s On Writing, if only to remind you that people are not born published. Mr. King was a summer custodian at a high school, cleaning the girl’s locker room, when inspiration struck for Carrie. Enough said.

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