Wine, wine everywhere; and not a drop to drink.

Give me wine

This seems to be today’s philosophy as well.


It’s a challenge not to drink in this world. Social activity seems to revolve around inebriation. But I have managed to not drink since I first reported “day one” -nearly two weeks ago, I think. The trick is to tell myself that I “can” have it, but I “choose not to.”

I learned this from my wise aunt, the renowned and beloved Olga Bloom*, who recited Socrates-like phrases daily. One of her most tried and true was “Opposition breeds opposition.” And looking at the state of the world, who could argue that one? I’ve decided this applies internally as well.

I want to shed weight, which I believe was a manifestation of the burden I’d been feeling in my heart. It may be winter outside, but it’s spring inside me: I’ve re-awakened and am blossoming.

I have a healthy diet. The only thing I was doing wrong was drinking wine. More and more. (Well, there are only about four cups in a bottle, right?)

Bottom line: I’m working to feel better, and wine doesn’t fit in with the program. But I still “can” have a glass if I so desire.

I will not oppose myself! And this decision feels pretty good.

Bye for now.

*My Aunt Olga created a world-famous classical concert hall called Bargemusic. You can Google it, or her, for more info.

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