Marketing: Conquering the Ever-Changing Beast!

How do I book signings? All will be revealed in April…

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The hardest thing about today’s marketing is its ever-changing nature. It’s always been daunting enough, but you used to be able to do the same thing consistently, and get results. Now, there are so many options with new rules and offshoots. Social media is wonderful because you can do so much without leaving home: but exactly how do you do it effectively? And whom can you trust?

The best thing to do is find your tribe. A group of friends who each have unique strengths, and who will alert you to the newest trends.

But how do you find them? And how do you negotiate the tangled web that marketing has become, without getting ensnared? And how do you find time to write???

The answers to all this and more may be found at Larry Dane Brimner’s wonderful Highlights Foundation workshop: Capturing the Spotlight!

If you wonder how I “came up,” a large part of it is because of the Highlights Foundation. I went to one of their conferences, where learned so much and gained confidence – and also met the person who would ultimately became my editor. I continually go to Highlights retreats, where I find renew and inspiration. I call the area “a vortex of creativity.”

This workshop is for anyone who has received a contract or published a book – or many books! It’s never too late to be the marketer you might have been.

I will be there as a guest, giving a talk about how I “get out there.” I will also bring my car, my marketing tool on wheels. I’m very big on “guerrilla” marketing. In fact, I’ve been scoffed for some of my techniques – until they proved effective. We must strive at unique, compelling marketing as much as unique, compelling writing.

Melanie Hope Greenberg and David Harrison will also be guest-speaking. (David via Skype.)

I promise you that this will be an experience you’ll never forget. And you’ll get to stay in a really cool cabin and eat gourmet food. There is also wine, to raise spirits even further.

Who could ask for anything more? (Perhaps a higher metabolism for all that food and wine.)

Bye for now.

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