A Giveaway and a Pep Talk!

Happy New Year!

I’m giving away AT LEAST a dozen e-copies of MELT, 6 signed copies and a “grand giveaway” case of thirty signed copies, which must be used by a high school, library or juvenile detention center reading group (I will only ship to one of these places, and it must be domestic.)

For your chance at one of these items please:

1. Like my Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/SCastrovilla)

2. Tweet the following:

#NewYear #Meltdown! Check out @SCastrovilla ‘s #yalit #romance MELT & see details on how to her #flash #giveaway! https://www.facebook.com/SCastrovilla

(Note: If you don’t have Twitter, you can use an alternate form of social media.)

3. Comment “I’m having a New Year’s Meltdown!” on my Facebook page. (If you’d like a chance at the case of signed books, please indicate that you work at or are affiliated with one of the above-mentioned places.)

(Note: If you don’t have Twitter, you can use an alternate form of social media.)

This giveaway will run through the weekend. (Okay, it’s longer than a flash. But I like the term!) I may give extra copies away if the mood strikes .


And now: A New Year pep talk!


We have all had crushing things happen to us, and perhaps the most hurtful was when people crushed our dreams. We were young, easily influences, insecure, vulnerable. We didn’t know the power of what we believed in.

But the great news is that, as George reminds us, it’s not too late. So let 2015 be the year that you return to your dream, and rediscover the joy it brought you. Because the real gift is that joy, and the shame is in depriving yourself of it.

Revel in what you are destined to do!


Bye for now.Things-won-are-done-joys

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  1. Ayah Assem

    I plan on finishing my manuscript and querying some agents by the end of 2015 !


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