My Daily #Meltdown: The joys of building a bildungsroman

Welcome to My Daily Meltdown: where I count down to the release of MELT with my thoughts about its creation.

Can you believe it’s two days away???

Yesterday I shared the Kirkus Review which declared my story to be a bildungsroman.

This makes me ecstatic!!!

Why am I so happy to have written a bildungsroman?

Because I think coming of age stories are the most important to share. A writer’s greatest gift to humanity and its future, Because teens are at the brink of adulthood, teetering on the edge. Making choices they are in many cases unprepared to make, and uncertain of themselves. Trying to fit in, thinking they’re alone in experiencing the problems they’re going through. Thinking that there’s something wrong with them because they are “different.” Thinking they are unacceptable – and unlovable. Victims of their parents’ shortcomings and flaws – thinking that everything is their fault. That they are bad, wrong…desperate to fit in.

I write the books for the outsiders like I was. And guess what: everyone is an outsider.

Our adolescence defines us, and shadows us forever. In some cases it is our undoing. Often it is the monkey we carry on our backs. I spent so many years trying to work out the unsolved problems of my youth. I was trapped in my teen years – and still, I go back into a teen state of mind like nothing.

Teens need coming of age stories to give them hope, direction and companionship. Adults need coming of age stories to reconcile all those loose ends – and maybe more.

A bildungsroman is one of the greatest contributions to society and its future. And I have written one. It’s official. Kirkus Reviews said so.

That’s why I’m so happy.

Bye for now.


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