My Daily Meltdown Epilogue: A Happy Beginning!!!


What am amazing week it’s been. My blog tour kicked off last Monday, and I made three awesome stops:

Nov. 3
Once Upon A Twilight
Thanks to Laura of Once Upon A Twilight for giving Melt five stars! (Or, actually, trees in this case.)

Laura writes:“Is it wrong to say that I LOVED this story when it was so depressing to read? There were times where I was crying, no sobbing, for a fictional character.”

Dear Laura,

If that’s wrong, I don’t want you to be right!


Nov. 5

Lulo Fangirl
Thanks to Christina Marie for an awesome interview, where I talked about how I knew I wanted to be an author and the steps I took to live my dream – and much more! There’s a lot to learn about me here 🙂

Nov. 7
Addicted Readers
Thanks to Alicia, who asked me to write a guest post about MELT’s connection with THE WONDERFUL WIZARD OF OZ. This delves even deeper than my Meltdown post on the subject, because I provide each quote from WWOZ that I used, and explain why I chose it in relation to MELT. (I knew this post was coming up on my tour, which is why I didn’t get into such details in My Daily Meltdown. So if you’ve been craving more on the connection behind the quotes – here it is!)
And then, of course, there was launch day!
I’m still reeling from the response. Thank you SO MUCH to all the bloggers and readers who spread the word. I wish we could all hang out together and celebrate in person.
The next best thing is online! And I’d love for you to join me at my Facebook Launch Party, where we can chat, and you may win some fun prizes! I will also have four guest authors hanging out and giving away copies of their amazing books!!!
Please don’t forget to enter my Rafflecopter Tour-Wide Giveaway for a chance to win a $100 Amazon gift card + a signed hardcover copy of MELT!!!

(You can enter at the blog tour stops.)
Thanks for supporting and reading. You’re the connection I seek with my words.
Bye for now.

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