Reader Feedback: The Final Puzzle Piece

I love reading what readers take away from Melt! It’s like fitting in the final piece of a puzzle. To me, a book is about connection between the characters, the author and the readers. The more participants, the more connection. There’s no wrong reaction – there’s just expression and communication. How beautiful! I love starting a dialogue with my readers, which often catches them by surprise. I would even write to people who didn’t like the book, not to try to convince them, but just to have a discussion (I don’t, because people would think I’m trying to convince them.) But the beauty of literature is its LIFE – and its life transcends to us.

I’ve been getting feedback through NetGalley, and just got a lovely, thorough analysis. Here’s some of it:

“I was honestly not expecting that. This book was addicting and I found myself saying “Just one more chapter…” at 2am. Melt is a very heart wrenching contemporary that has hidden meanings throughout the book that took me a while to figure out…

This is one of those rare young adult books where the romance is based on finding yourself and developing as a person. Their relationship began as a connection but it slowly formed into healing inside wounds despite their differences in life…

Overall, I will definitely be recommending this to a few people as I believe a lot of people should read it. It displays flaws in society and how you can never know what’s happening inside when the outside looks clean and presentable. That counts for Joey and his house.”


What will you think of Melt?


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