My Daily Meltdown: A Sign From Jesus

Welcome back to my Meltdown: the countdown to Melt’s Nov. 6 release!

In Melt, Joey is disturbed by a church sign that reads:

“When I was on the cross, I thought of you.” -Jesus

If you read my 10/5 post on metaphors, you’ll remember that many of the things my characters encounter come from my own experience. This sign is one of those things.

There’s a church I pass frequently which often features provocative messages on its sign. This one stayed with me. I couldn’t understand how it was supposed to help people in any way. All it could do was invoke a sense of guilt – which might have been their point. But in my case, it brought contemplation and wonderment. Me? How could Jesus think of me? I wasn’t born.

When Joey had occasion to enter a church, this was the perfect sign for him to encounter on his way inside.

What was his reaction? Read and find out!

Bye for now.


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Melt by Selene Castrovilla

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