My Daily Meltdown: Why Do We Love the Flawed Joey?

Welcome to my daily Meltdown, my countdown to the release of MELT! I’m sharing insider aspects of MELT with you.

Today I’m addressing the flawed Joey. Why do we, the reader, love him?

Meagan Macvie, a writer and blogger I met at AWP, asked me about this in a recent interview. Here’s how that went:

MM: Joey is sort of a unique male lead – he’s not your typical romance novel “bad boy.” Joey really IS incredibly flawed, yet we, like Dorothy, still fall for him.  Why do you think this is?

SC: I don’t think anyone’s good or bad. Society likes to label people bad and put them away, but I don’t think that’s how it works. I don’t believe people are born bad. Something has to happen. Kids fall through the cracks. I see it all the time. Things going on in families and nobody does anything. What are the ramifications of that? When no one helps a kid? How could we NOT feel for Joey? He’s not a bad person, he’s in a bad circumstance. All his reactions aren’t great, but what would we do in the same situation? Whenever you step inside a person’s life, you’re going to care. You feel it. I’m not excusing Joey or anybody for doing terrible things, but what brought them to this point? And can there be things that can intervene and change the trajectory of that person. Society needs to take responsibility for what’s happening to its members.

Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe there are people born bad. But in my experience, people are more complicated than that. Joey is real and complex and could be any one of us.

So that’s why I think we love Joey.

What do YOU think?

Thanks to Meagan for her time and hard work on this interview. I really enjoyed it, and I come out looking pretty good 😉

You can read the rest here:

Bye for now.

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