My Daily Meltdown: To Monet With Love

Welcome to my Meltdown: a daily countdown to Melt’s Nov. 6 release!

Dorothy takes Joey on a date to her “sanctuary”: the Monet room at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. This room is special to me as well. I love going there, and even visited it on my last birthday. Monet’s paintings really are so dreamy – a perfect place for the imagination to wander.

I first fell in love with Monet when I was a teenager and my mom took me to France. She was always dragging me to shows at museums, and it would really annoy me because she had to study every painting, and even the little descriptions next to them. I was beginning to hate art. But this time, I fell in love. I loved the way Monet would do studies of the same subject, in different lighting and perspectives. It was like me as a writer, trying a story in different voices and tenses. For once, I didn’t want to rush my mom out of the museum.

I was fortunate enough to take my kids to Europe a few years back, and we not only visited museums with Monet’s paintings – we even visited his home and garden. Wow! The pond looks exactly like the paintings. How surreal!

It came to me to Dorothy bring Joey there because the trip served several purposes:

  1. It reaffirmed Dorothy as a sophisticate, and showed how little Joey had see of the world (or even Manhattan.)
  2. As each character described the experience, their reactions to it revealed more about them – and illuminated the stark contrast between them. This also heightened the tension: could people so different possibly last in a relationship?
  3. It was a quiet, sweet moment in the middle of a largely explosive book. The paintings were the perfect backdrop for a loving, connecting scene – and I was able to incorporate additional metaphors as a result.
  4. What a great place for a first kiss!

I think the only one of these that I was conscious of at the time was number 4.

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Contact me w/ receipt number for $2 gift card! Have a cup o' Joe while reading about Joe!

Contact me w/ receipt number for $2 gift card! Have a cup o’ Joe while reading about Joe!


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