My Daily #Meltdown: The Times They Are a-Changin!

Welcome to My Daily Meltdown, where I count down the days to my Nov. 6 launch with interesting (hopefully) anecdotes surrounding my creation of Melt.

I mentioned previously that I wrote Melt ten years ago. There are some cultural references in the book. A couple of them didn’t stand the test of time – so I had to change them.

The first was a reference to a boxing movie. When Dorothy gives Joey wraps, she reveals that she knows how to put them on him because she took a boxing lesson. Here’s how the rest of the scene went, starting with Joey’s response (the scene is in Dorothy’s voice):

            “You took a boxing lesson? Why?”

            “What’s the matter, afraid I’ll kick your ass?” We both laugh. Then I say, “I wanted … I wanted to know what it was like to punch things.”

            “You like it?”

            “Uh, no.”

            He chuckles. He knew darn well I wouldn’t. “Why not?”

            “Well, for starters, it felt very confining in those gloves, and they never seemed like they were on right. It was just about impossible to get a grip in them. And it hurt to punch! George said I was hitting with the wrong part of my hand, but I just couldn’t get it. Then there was that speed bag. Talk about humbling, I felt like a complete spazoid trying to hit it. George said I’d get better with practice, but there are some things you know you’re just not cut out for. And anyway, it was just too much work, all those moves—too much to concentrate on. Yeesh.”

            “Too bad,” he says. I unravel one of the wraps, and direct him to reach his arm out straight, spread his fingers wide. I smooth the wrap around, around, loop it around in tiers, coating his hand and wrist so it’s taut but not tight. He says, “And there I was thinking I was dating the next Million Dollar Baby.”

            “Sorry, Rocky.”

I was doing one final read after the copy editor had already gone over the manuscript, and I realized that teens today wouldn’t get the Million Dollar Baby reference. The movie was current when I wrote the manuscript – but no one watches it anymore (at least, not in the audience I’m writing for.) So if you read the book once it’s launched, Million Dollar Baby will be no more.

Rocky, on the other hand, endures the test of time.

I’ll reveal the other thing I had to change in tomorrow’s post.

Bye for now.


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