My Daily #Meltdown: The “Real” Joey!

Welcome to My Daily Meltdown, where I count down to release day with tidbits of background information on the creation of Melt.

Today I bring you the “real” Joey: the man who not only inspired my story – he is the heart of it.

In the back of my book there’s a question and answer section. Here’s one of the questions:

Q: What inspired this story?

A: I take boxing lessons, and got close with my trainer, Joe. He told more than once, “My dad used to beat my mom.” That was sad, but a little too vague to be inspiring. Then one day he looked me in the eyes and said, “My dad used to come home every day and shove a gun down my mom’s throat.” That was a specific image that stuck in my head. He also told me about becoming a teen alcoholic, and how violent he was while drunk. He was tagged a “bad” kid – but no one ever bothered to find out what was going on inside. Finally, he told me about the one girl who believed in him, and loved him. One night he said to me, “You’re gonna write my story. I just know it.” I went home, and opened The Wizard of Oz – which I’d instinctively purchased a few weeks prior. I didn’t know why – but I always listened to the guiding voice in my head. The page I turned to was the scene in which Dorothy and her friends return to the Emerald City. The Guardian of the Gate is shocked to see them, saying:

“But I thought you had gone to visit the Wicked Witch of the West.”

“We did visit her,” said the Scarecrow.

“And she let you go again?” asked the man, in wonder.

“She could not help it, for she is melted,” explained the Scarecrow.

She is melted. That line resounded with me. I wrote it three times a piece of junk mail. Then I wrote, “Melt.” And I knew that was the title of my book. I started writing Joe’s story – it just came pouring out – with quotes from The Wizard of Oz interspersed. The first section is called “No place like home,” and we witness the father abusing the mother in front of Joey and his brothers. In “Munchkinland,” the second part, Joey meets good-girl Dorothy in Dunkin’ Donuts. This unlikely couple heads down the metaphorical Yellow Brick Road looking for a way to beat the odds and be together. But what’s waiting for them ahead?

So, now you know the real backstory. (Perhaps I shared this before – I apologize if so. I am bleary!)

I still work out with Joe, though I did take a hiatus during which I curiously had no desire to box. Now, I’m back and loving hitting things. I don’t spar – I would probably get knocked out in one second – but it’s fun to pound at Joe’s pads. Uppercuts are my favorites.

Anyway, I took a picture of him the other day when we were done.

Remember, he is no longer a teenager!

Here he is:



#Meltdown  The "real" Joey!

The “real” Joey!











PS: There was a “real” Dorothy – a “good girl” he loved – but I didn’t even know that until I’d started writing the story. It was like I knew without knowing.

Strange, how our universe works. And wonderful!

Bye for now.


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Have you seen the amazing MELT book trailer created by a teen??? Here it is:



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