My Daily Meltdown: The Loveseat

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In Melt, Joey thinks back to a day when he was little, playing on the floor with Lincoln Logs with his brother, when his abusive father picked up a loveseat and hurled in over his mom’s back.

This, like all the violent scenes between Joey’s dad and mom, is based on reality.

If you’ve read any of the “backstory” on MELT, you know that I was inspired to write it when my boxing coach started telling me about the horrific domestic violence he witnessed at home. Specifically he told me: “My dad used to come home and shove a gun down my mom’s throat in front of me every night.”

So while I punched things, he would describe other acts of violence he witnessed. Seemed eerily appropriate.

One day he told me about watching his dad pick up a couch and smashing it over his mom’s back.

I couldn’t believe her back wasn’t broken. “Really? A COUCH?” I asked.

He nodded. “Yup. It was a loveseat.”

Could you get more ironic then that?

I went home and wrote that scene.

Bye for now.

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Have you seen the amazing MELT book trailer created by a teen??? Here it is:




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