My Daily #Meltdown: The Fleetingness of Beauty

Welcome to My Daily Meltdown, where I count down the days to my Nov. 6 launch with tidbits about how I created Melt – and in this case, revisions that needed to be made.

Yesterday I shared one cultural reference that didn’t stand the test of time in the ten years since I wrote Melt. (Funny how I almost didn’t catch it!)

Today I’m sharing the second one – which was actually changed twice – because the first change also went “out of style.”

When Dorothy sees Joey’s room for the first time, he apologizes for the poster of a scantily-clad girl hanging on his ceiling, over his bed. The person I originally mentioned in the poster was Jessica Simpson, in her Daisy Duke outfit. Dorothy said something to the effect that she didn’t mind – even though Jessica Simpson is pretty brainless.

The book was supposed to be published a few years ago by Westside Books, who published my first two novels: Saved by the Music & The Girl Next Door. Unfortunately, WestSide went out of business just as Melt was going to press. At that time, I changed the reference to Kim Kardashian (I was able to keep the brainless line – lol.)

Now however, although she’s still in the news these days, I don’t think Kim Kardashian is on the top of teen boys’ fantasy girls lists anymore.

Seeing how fast these girls’ appeal “expires,” I changed the poster image to a generic model, and made a reference to her unnatural seductive pose.

I don’t have to worry about seductive poses going out of style!

There you have it.

The things writers have to consider besides writing well are considerable, and may help explain why we’re famous for drinking 😉

Bye for now.


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