My Daily #Meltdown: Standing the Test of Time

Welcome to My Daily Meltdown, where I countdown to the November 6 release of MELT with insights about my process! We’re getting close, which is great because I’m running out of things to say 😉

Previously I mentioned a few things I had to change in the story because times had changed since I wrote MELT ten years ago.

Now I will show you a couple of things that have surprisingly stayed the same.

Joey says this about Dorothy when he meets her:

She’s new


she’s from New

York, she said. You could tell she had class she was wearing a top that actually fit her it

covered her not like these girls who let their stomachs hang out all over the place like that’s

supposed to be attractive.”

Sadly, many teenaged girls still wear shirts that are too small for them. (And let’s not even get into how short their skirts can be! Sometimes I think they shopped in the lingerie department by mistake.)


Joey and his brother are playing Halo when Pop comes home in the opening segment:

Grim music drifts from our video game low


sounds like any second the reaper’s gonna

strike. Me and Jimmy we’re playing Halo on X-Box, least we were ‘til



back. It’s like we’re paused

we’re all on

pause whenever




We ain’t putting down the controls cause if we look at him if we act like we’re paying attention to what he’s doing then he






The video game Halo has stood the test of time. It’s still popular, available in different versions. I find its music to be quite unsettling, and I’m glad I can still use it as a backdrop for the horror which unfolds nightly in front of Joey and his brothers.

By for now.


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Thanks for your continued support! I apologize for this scaled-down post. My computer files have been shanghaied – encrypted and held for ransom. I’m using a different computer with none of my links at my fingertips. Hopefully tomorrow I will gather things together anew.

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