My Daily Meltdown: Smoking Gun

Welcome to my Meltdown: a daily countdown to Melt’s Nov. 6 release!

Today’s insider tidbit:

Joey’s father, a cop, carries a Glock. I purposely stated the type of gun, because that makes the sensory impact so much more vivid & powerful.

I love the word “Glock” because it’s solid and hits hard – like a block. You can “feel” it. Smith & Wesson, the other famous gun maker (at least, these two are famous to me – who knows little of guns!) does not do the job nearly as well.

The question remained: Would a cop have a Glock?

I spoke with a friend’s husband, who is a police officer. He told me that most cops carry indeed carry Glocks.


Pop’s Glock was safely stowed in my story.

Bye for now.


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Melt by Selene Castrovilla

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