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Welcome to my daily Meltdown, where I count down the days to the release of my YA novel MELY with interesting insides into MELT.

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Today I address why I’m writing a sequel, when I am generally against series. Well, here’s the thing: I’m not against series, if they’re warranted. They need to have a purpose, and an arc running through them. These days, it seems like some authors are creating series just to keep readers on the hook so they can make more sales.

I don’t mind people reading more (which is what happened when they read a series), but I want them to read something good – well-written, and a necessary plot.

I thought a second book wasn’t necessary I thought you guys could fill in the what happens next. I took care of the big part –at least, Joey and Dorothy did. Why couldn’t you decide for yourselves the ultimate fate of my characters?

But you’ve been clamoring for more — which made me want more.

And then Joey started talking to me again – and Dorothy followed. Just like the old days. So I’m writing it, and what’s happening is shocking even me.

Can you go home again? Is there a place called home – and if so,  is it physical or in our minds?

I address these questions and more in MELT’s sequel.

Get ready.

Bye for now.

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Have you seen the amazing MELT book trailer created by a teen??? Here it is:





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