My Daily Meltdown: Butterflies are Free

Welcome to my Meltdown: a daily countdown to Melt’s Nov. 6 release!

Toward the end of Melt, Dorothy watches a TV documentary about butterflies.

This comes from my continual consternation that butterflies live only three – four weeks. It seems cruel of nature, for butterflies to go through so much reaching their metamorphosis only to soar briefly. Once, in San Antonio, my family and I were driving down a road engulfed in flying butterflies. It should’ve been beautiful to me, but all I could think about is that we had to be killing a bunch of them. Why didn’t they know enough to move out of the way?

I’ve carried the image of those butterflies with me. This is one of those metaphorical instances I’ve been babbling about lately. Butterflies present us with so aspects to dwell on, so they’re a perfect way to present a character’s mood. How Dorothy reacts to the life cycle of the butterfly shows her state of mind. This, in turn, represents a plot point in the book (I won’t give that away.)

Bye for now.


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Melt by Selene Castrovilla


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