My Daily Meltdown: Voices in my Head

Welcome to My Daily Meltdown: a countdown to the release of MELT!

Today I address my writing style(s.)

“Not only does Castrovilla give both characters their own personalities and traits, she also gives them their own writing style.

On one side you have Dorothy, the voice of reason, with a pretty basic run of the mill writing style.

This does not take away from the fact that Dorothy is an excellent character to go on this journey with and held her own fantastically against Joey.

In complete contrast to her, is Joey’s writing style.

Joey’s thoughts are literally scattered across the page. At first I thought this was flaw in the eBook reader but I soon realized this was strategic placement by the author to represent how messed up Joey is on the inside. It is one of the best moves I have ever seen a author make in all my years of reading. The style lets you becomes completely immersed in Joey’s thoughts and how his mind works. It certainly has the impact the author wanted it to have. A+ on all accounts.”

-Review and Video Review of MELT by Diesel (text review)

I found this review of MELT by accident last night, looking for another video review I’d already watched. And what a happy accident it was! Thank you, Diesel!!! (She is in Ireland, I’m pretty sure  – ah, the power of the internet!)

I quoted this part of her review because she comments on the style of writing: dual-first person, and “traditional” vs. “scattered.”

Are these conscious choices by me? Yes, and no. For me, the narration in a book starts in my head, without planning. Suddenly, the voice is there. Joey is the one who spoke to me first. You may know that Joey was inspired by my real-life boxing coach and his childhood – but the character Joey appeared in my head, ranting. Angry. Fractured. So his words went on the page fractured. Did I choose this style? Well, I let’s say I chose to go along with it. I could have reeled Joey in. But then the voice wouldn’t have been authentic.

Sometimes people assume Joey’s voice is verse.

I say no, it’s the opposite. It’s discord. It’s anti-verse.

But there’s something so poetic in the heart of his voice, that makes it all the more tragic. Because Joey did not have to be this way. Something – someone – broke him.

And then, there’s Dorothy, the “voice of reason” (like Dorothy in Oz.) Once I sat down and listened to her, she came freely, too. It was like I had summoned her.

I’m grateful that people are understanding Joey’s voice – and embracing it!

Let me know what you think of my writing style.

Bye for now.

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Have you seen the amazing MELT book trailer created by a teen??? Here it is:


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