New York’s Not Letting me “Rise!” How about you?

Going potty was no easy feat post-Sandy.

Going potty was no easy feat post-Sandy.

I previously posted about my problems with New York Rising, stemming from FEMA. Now I’m seeking others who are “FEMA non compliant.” If you fit this bill, please contact me! Governor Cuomo is running for re-election, and everyone should know that he has turned his back on some of his citizens – when we needed him most! I’m a life-long Democrat, but I’ll be damned if I vote for him. First he had a $10,000 grant for “NY residents” affected by Sandy, but you couldn’t apply unless you’d been awarded money from FEMA. Hey – I live here! I called, and no one would listen to me. And now, he’s ignoring the fact that people are being rejected by NY Rising – the group which is supposed to help people who fell through the cracks – because of our FEMA problems. (Meanwhile, FEMA turned a deaf ear on all of my appeals.) The money was allotted to help us – why are we not being helped???

Help me speak out, non-compliant people!!! We don’t deserve to be condemned and shunned.

Cuomo gives Democrats a bad name. Shame on him.

Oh, my kitchen...

Cooking was not an option after Sandy paid her visit.

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