Happy Fifth Birthday to Upon Secrecy!

Upon SecrecyJen Halligan wished my book Upon Secrecy a happy fifth birthday today. Truthfully, I had no idea. It’s strange, how we mark those days until publication, and we market to the point of exhaustion.

Our books are like our children — until we go on to the next. Yes, I adore Upon Secrecy, but I don’t remember on what day it was published. So I am grateful to Jen for reminding me. I will always believe in George Washington’s Culper Spy Ring, and herald their contributions. Without them, we would likely not be a country. The spies were also my entry into researching the American Revolution – and all my work that followed. I wrote By the Sword first  – but I was always trying to write Upon Secrecy. George Washington: spymaster! I still love it, five years after publication – and more than ten years after I first found out about George Washington’s spies on Long Island and how they saved our nation.

PS: My spies have become vogue in recent days, becoming the subjects of a best-selling adult book, and the also the stars of AMC’s TURN. Glad for them to get some recognition, although not always accurate.

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