Starting over at RWA2014

romance writers AlamoI am shy.

If you’ve met me, or even if you read my social media posts, you probably have a different view of me. And the truth is that I’m not always shy. When I’m in a setting where I know people (and I know they accept me), or if I’m speaking with a group about something I’m passionate about (IE: some aspect of writing, literature or the American Revolution): then, I am SO not shy!

Immersed  at my first Romance Writers of America conference, I am SO shy.

Even though my young adult novels are definitely romantic, I never thought of joining RWA before. WOW, have I been missing out! There is so much support in this organization – and so much advice. The conference is huge: encompassing rooms in two Marriott hotels on the Riverwalk!

Luckily, I started out in a smaller setting: a women’s fiction mini-conference. (Yes, there are smaller chapters within RWA, genre and region specific.) It was a great deal, and I heard three agents chatting about the industry. There were even chips and guacamole! And, I won a door prize.

After that I entered mega-huge literacy signing. A packed ballroom! If I had gone to this first, I might have had an anxiety attack. SO many people – who I didn’t know!

Today, day two, I have been meeting people. And learning a lot. I know I just have to get used to this – I was new to the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators once – and look at me now: I know what SCBWI stands for without even checking. I’ve come a long way, baby.

And now, I am determined to go even further.

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  1. Jen Halligan PR

    I’m glad you’re having a good time! I wish I was there… What did you win as a door prize?


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