Getting Our Perspective Back Through YA Literature

I wrote a heated paragraph on my personal Facebook page about how I identify with YA literature, and how it possesses a yearning which I don’t find in adult literary fiction. But I have more to say!

YA literature is raw and genuine. Teens don’t put in the airs of adults. They are seeking answers, and perspective. Do they find them? Well, the beauty of YA lit is that the conclusion is up for grabs. YA makes you think, and decide for yourself. This has become a lost art.

I find that adults have often given up searching – or even thinking. They’ve turned to opiates for solace. Not only drugs and alcohol, but anything that distracts them. Karl Marx said that religion is the opiate of the masses, and yes, it’s one of them. But these days I’d say sex is the main opiate of the masses (both seeking people to engage in it, and watching porn.) Then there’s internet…and Netflix…and Showtime…ETC!!!

There are so many opiates out there that it’s a wonder anyone has a free, clear thought anymore…let alone a dream. And that sense of surrender to circumstance – and loss of perspective – is reflected in adult literature…but not in YA.

It doesn’t have to be this way. This is the message of YA literature, to me.

PS: Here’s what I originally wrote:

Just read this blog by Marion Dane Bauer. She says that she’s been finding YA literature claustrophobic lately, and that it no longer enlarges her perspective. I guess I haven’t matured that much because I still identify most strongly with YA lit. I’m still trying to find the answers to the questions raised in adolescence, and I’m still struggling to understand people and how I fit in. But there’s more. I find not only truth in YA fiction, but also a YEARNING – absent from most adult novels. I detect a passivity in adult literary fiction that I cannot abide by; an acceptance which reads to me like, “Well, maybe I will just think inside this box.” There’s hope in YA literature, which I still possess (despite reading Deepak Chopra‘s admonishing statement in a magazine years ago, saying something to this effect: ‘when you hope, you’re really in despair.’ I’m just not that deep, I guess. Or maybe hope is the wrong word, but it does the job.) I’m not giving up, I’m not settling for less, and I’m not living on someone else’s terms. (Cue the Twisted Sister music…) #Notgonnatakeitanymore
And here’s Marion’s post:



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