A Different Kind of Patriot

Happy Independence Day!

I’m spending my day in Litchfield, Connecticut paying tribute to Col. Benjamin Tallmadge, who organized the Culper Spy Ring, and who was also the hero of my nonfiction picture book By the Sword: A Soldier Meets War. Tallmadge wrote a memoir with a story about his extraordinary experiences at The Battle of Long Island. I used his recollections as the backbone of my book.

I wrote a blog post on my group blog Uncommon YA for today. It’s about writing on war, and what patriotism means to me.


Above all, take a moment to reflect on what our founding fathers must’ve felt today: courage, pride and dare I say trepidation? It took so much to win our freedom – starting with a document signed on the 4th.

If you’re interested in reading my revolutionary books, here are the links to Amazon:

By the Sword:


Upon Secrecy (about the Culper Spy Ring):


Revolutionary Friends (about the unlikely friendship between General George Washington & the Marquis de Lafayette):






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