Seeking Beauty in Life and in Words

“The heart sees the joy of early dawn, the breeze. What have you seen? What have you not seen?”



What you see in life depends on what you are open to. For me, this relates to writing as well (basically, I incorporate anything I experience into my stories – lol.) Isn’t it true that you can be in the same environment daily, and then one day notice something you never did before? Or that you can view the same thing differently depending on your mood? If you’re angry, the sunniest day will not cheer you — inside, you might feel that the sun is aiming heat rays at you. If you’re sad, you might think about people who have developed skin cancer from too much exposure. Etc. In other words – none of use see a setting in the same way, or always the same way.

After going through much distress in recent years, I have made it my mission to appreciate the grace around me – and seek out beauty in situations where it might not be so obvious. I traveled on a Greyhound bus recently, and had to change at a station at 2 A.M. At that hour, my mind is auto-piloted toward sorrow, but I re-routed it to admire the interesting wall structure in the ladies’ room (not kidding.) Then I started noticing upbeat things in the station – including some of my fellow passengers. I wound up striking a conversation with a proud father who was on his way to be with his family – and this really struck a chord in my heart. So you see, you can find joy in any situation if you are open to it. I truly believe that, and I do my best to convey it in my writing.

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