Announcement: MELT Book Trailer Contest for Teens

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I’m so excited to announce the MELT trailer contest, open to all teens!

I got the idea for the contest last fall, when I was at a school librarian conference in Connecticut. I went to a book trailer session, hoping to learn how to make my own trailer. I didn’t want to hire someone who hadn’t even read my book to create the trailer, and yet I am technically inept (I just learned how to make a PDF file – woo hoo! But a trailer is a long way off.)

The session was really about how teenagers make book trailers for the books they love – and watching the examples this librarian showed us blew me away. These trailers were better than the “professional” ones produced for the biggest names. They were better because they were infused with passion and love for the stories and the characters. I wanted some of that!

MELT Book Trailer Contest Prizes

Graphics designed by Quixcy Designs

So when the decision to publish MELT was made, I decided against hiring a production team. I decided to create this contest, and give away a cool prize which is a just reward for a job well done, and motivation to read the book and undertake the project.

This book has been getting rave reviews from advance readers. I hope you read it and are inspired to create a trailer. I’m excited to watch it!

[Details & Registration HERE]

PS: If you’re not familiar with how to make a trailer, here are some of the notes I took at the session:

Before you use a program to create the trailer, you should create a storyboard. If you want to see an example of how to create one, go to the link I’ve pasted below.

You can use Wikipedia Commons for images – it’s easy (so I was told – I haven’t actually used it.) Alternates are & Google images, but make sure you have permission to use the images. To create the trailer you can use Animoto, or Voicethread, which is not as jazzy – but you can use voices on it.

If you would like to see the presentation I watched which inspired me to create this contest – including sample book trailers – please visit

A huge thanks to Erin Broderick, Library/ITS & Jennifer Reed, Library, at Newton Public Schools for creating this most awesome and inspiring presentation!

Graphics for the MELT Book Trailer Contest were designed by Ashley of Quixcy Designs!

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